Monday, October 27, 2008

Import Export Smart Start Workshop System

There are lots of people hungry for this information, and YOU need to give it to them!

Who will benefit from this system?

Business Trainers and Instructors
Career Facilitators
Coaches and Consultants
Sales and Marketing Professionals

Is that you? This is a great opportunity for professionals who want to add import export training and coaching to their current repertoire of offerings. Be part of our team, with access to a proven training tools and processes. Get started fast by receiving our complete import export training and coaching package, including presentations, handouts, instructor notes, questionnaires and materials, along with general instructional tools that can be used to enhance existing programs. We are actively seeking marketing, training, and coaching professionals interested in becoming Import Export Smart Start Workshop Associates.

But what if you don’t have your own business yet?
No problem. This is also a great way to start a workshop business of your own, because the entire import export curriculum is provided. Some call it a “canned” workshop, because all the materials, content and instructions for delivery are provide to you within the package. You might ask: Why is this business for you?…

Import Export is a very popular topic! Why? …because people can make money working from home and while traveling. This is a self-paced import export workshop for teaching entrepreneurs who want to start their own import export business and for small business owners who want to expand into new markets.

This is the perfect time for people to start an import export business.

That’s why…it’s also the perfect time for YOU to start your own import export workshop business.

More people just like you are needed to train all the people who are hungry for information that they can use to make money. We offer practical tips that you and your clients can use right away. You can provide your existing knowledge and business expertise to these topics and give people what they’re looking for. It’s all up to you!

Who are your customers?
…plenty of entrepreneurs, ex-military, missionaries, students, and all kinds of small business owners. People who have traveled overseas or who have relatives overseas that want to profit from their connections are very excited to attend these types of training sessions. The market is huge.

You will be able to provide a training course for entrepreneurs who want to start an import export business and small business owners who want to expand into new markets. That is a huge market!

Feel the JOY and FREEDOM of helping yourself by helping others!

Entrepreneurs and business owners will thank you for giving them an understanding the world of import export and international business! Some people find Import Export concepts illusive or even intimidating, but you will be equipped to walk them through the information step-by-step.

Does this all sound appealing to you...but you don’t know where to start?

Are you interested in starting your own import export workshop business, but need expert help from a qualified trainer and Import Export Coach?

I’ve been practicing as an international trade consultant known as the Import Export Coach. I created my own import export workshops. I used the workshops to get new clients and to provide added value to my existing clients. I took all the tools from my most popular import export workshop program, and I’ve created this collection of workshop materials with you in mind. I want my fellow trainers, coaches and consultants to benefit from my years of course development and refinement.

I will show you in minutes what it takes some people months or even years to create on their own. This training package is a goldmine of information and has years of refinement and expertise behind it. It could take months or years to put this program together for yourself from scratch. Let me offer you my expertise and save you time and money.

Whether you want to improve your career, start a business, or grow your existing business, these are the tools you need to succeed.

You will be impressed with you get in this package. Take a look:

* The difference between import and export
* Finding and communicating with buyers and suppliers
* Explore Import Export Opportunities
* Learn the steps to Import Export
* International Marketing Plan
* Learn the 5 Top Tips for Making International Trade Contacts
* Searching for Government Programs
* Find and communicate with buyers and suppliers
* Legal Considerations
* Evaluating buyers and suppliers
* Employment Opportunities in the field of International Trade

What will you receive?
All training materials and curriculum for the Import Export Smart Start course, including:

International Marketing Plan Templates
This is the most important tool! You should document all your research, learning, and contacts in a plan. This template will help you’re clients get started fast in their import export venture. Save time and money with the template. The plan templates will help you’re client’s business idea become a reality.

Presentations - Over 80+ PowerPoint Slides!
* Introduction to Import
* Introduction to Export
* Introduction to Logistics
* Creating an International Marketing Plan

Trainer’s Guide and Notes
A very detailed and concise explanation of what you should read and learn. This is a very detailed step-by-step package.

Exercises, Questionnaires, Course Evaluation, Course Description, Quiz, 5 Great Tips for Going Global Article, and...


#1 You will also receive promotional flyers—the same ones I use to promote my own workshops, resulting in great turnout. So, you can get started on your import export workshop business fast!
#2 With this offer, you will also receive an additional set of instructional tools called Tools for Trainers that can be used to enhance any of your existing programs. On top of that, our Import Export Coach website is packed with additional tools and resources to compliment your workshop.

Think about it...
Whether you want to enhance your existing business or start a new business, this is the way to work less and make more. Get started quickly and gain prestige by being associated with our recognized brand.

If you follow the steps in this system you will reduce your risks and increase your chances of success. Now, I am offering these tools to you, so that you will have the same chance to make money!

Are you ready to get started on your future? Then don’t pass up this opportunity. We have a limited number of associate packages that we’re selling at this price, so don’t miss your chance to make more money in this booming industry.

(This special is for the CD version of this system.)
(Shipping is by regular post. Contact us with any questions.)

Please pass this along to connections that might be interested and feel free to contact me directly with questions.

Jennifer Henczel
Import Export Coach


1. These training materials are for instructional use by one trainer only. However, we do offer organizational licenses. Please call me today for a quote: on the Organizational Licensed Version of this product: Jennifer Henczel, Import Export Coach 604-615-9622

2. Please note: All documents come as Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, so those programs are required to open, view and print the documents. You will also need an unzipping application to unzip the files, which can be found on the internet.